Famous people keep flocking to Wyoming. In July, Jackson saw royalty visit when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stayed for an Independence Day Parade, Kanye had a Cody Ranch, and of course, Jeffree Starr is keeping yaks near Casper. But, today, we're talking about a member of the famous Kardashian clan.

The Hollywood stars have been visiting the Cowboy State since at least 2019 when they stopped at the luxurious Caldera Resort in Jackson. Their presence grew even more prominent and visits more frequent after Kanye bought his massive ranch in Cody (before the infamous Kanye x Kim divorce debacle.) Evidently, the Kardashian clan still has the Wyoming bug because Kendall Jenner was spotted at a Wyoming rodeo sporting a Cowboy-inspired tattoo.

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Kendall Jenner Goes Western?

Is Kendall converting to the Western lifestyle? Her Instagram post shows her sporting a shirt that says "J'Adore Cowboys" (which basically translates to "I Love Cowboys." You can see a rodeo stadium in the background. Her mom, Kris Jenner, commented on the post, saying, "my little cowgirl." Kendall also shared a few pics from the rodeo, one of which included her 818 Tequila brand.

Jenner doesn't share which rodeo she attended, but Jackson Hole's rodeo did have an event on Wednesday, August 3rd, and the hills in the background definitely look like those around the Jackson Hole Arena (check out the below photo from Yelp for a comparison.)

Cindy M. via Yelp.
Cindy M. via Yelp.

Kendall also took the rodeo visit as a great time to debut her new Western-inspired tattoo - a teeny, tiny cowboy boot on her ankle. Her tattooist, Ghost Kat, shared that tat on Instagram.

Is Kendall planning on going Western? Will she be visiting Wyoming more often? It seems like Hollywood just can't get enough of our state. But who can blame them? Wyoming is pretty awesome...and the rodeo is always a good time.

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