AMC's massive hit show 'The Walking Dead' returns for season 8 on Sunday, October 22 and we thought we'd help Wyoming fans with the anticipation.

Last year, in anticipation for the new Star Wars film, we presented you with a list of Wyoming towns if they were Star Wars characters.

This fall, we present the list of Wyoming towns, if they were 'Walking Dead' characters...


  • AMC

    Rick Grimes - Cheyenne

    Rick and Cheyenne are both leaders. They set the rules and the rest of the pack follows. They're not exactly pretty, but they clean up nice.

  • AMC

    Daryl Dixon - Gillette

    Both Daryl and Gillette are usually covered in some kind of dirt. They're tough, resourceful, and rough around the edges. When it looks like they're down and out, they come storming back. Both are prone to eating roadkill.

  • AMC

    Michonne - Casper

    Michonne and Casper both can work independently or with the rest of the state. They are smart and cunning, but difficult to become close to.

  • AMC

    Hershel Greene - Laramie

    Hershel and Laramie are both wise and kind. They're not as tough as the rest of the group, but their intelligence make them a strong asset. Both are likely to grow a ponytail.

  • AMC

    Carol Peletier - Lander

    Carol and Lander both keep to themselves pretty well. They both fare well in the outdoors with their impeccable survival skills.

  • AMC

    Maggie Greene - Yellowstone

    Pretty and soft-spoken on the outside, a bubbling-super volcano on the inside. Maggie and Yellowstone will treat you well, but cross them and they'll explode with fury.

  • AMC

    Glenn Rhee - Sheridan

    Glenn and Sheridan are both vastly under-rated. Quiet and shy on the surface, but when you get to know them, you realize they are brave and loyal.

  • AMC

    Abraham Ford - Rock Springs

    Abraham and Rock Springs are bold, loud, and usually inappropriate. They are also well trained, tough, and somebody you'd want fighting on your side.

  • AMC

    King Ezekiel - Jackson

    Ezekiel and Jackson both think a lot of themselves, but are oddly likable. They aren't like the rest, but ultimately are an asset to the team.

  • AMC

    Walkers - Coloradans

    Walkers and "greenies" have a lot of similar qualities. Always showing up uninvited, usually at the worst times, and in large amounts...