Organic started picking up steam in the early 1990's. Some called the 'kook stores' and although they are a blessing, not everything in them is really 'organic'. Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight 5 myths about 'organic' that you should probably be aware of before purchasing your next item.

  1. Its ALWAYS Better For The Environment - Organic farming is only about half as productive as conventional farming. You would have to cut more trees down to totally go organic and that would hurt the environment.
  2. It's More Nutritious - The biggest difference between healthy and unhealthy on this one, is how long it has set on the shelf. That is why farmer's markets are nice as although not always 'organic', they tend to be much fresher.
  3. It Tastes Better - Most taste tests have not been able to prove this, however I can tell the difference between organic tomatoes and banana's.
  4. You Don't Have To Worry About Washing Them - Wrong!!! Because of potential soil and runoff water that may contain E coli, this could also affect your food whether organic or not. Always wash your food before consuming it.
  5. It's Better For You - Maybe so, but not if it's organic soda, organic chips or organic cookies. They still contain sugar and sugar cane. Fried is still fried my friend and is not the best for your health no matter what label you put on it.

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