Nat Geo has a new show called HACKING THE SYSTEM and the tips they give us are invaluable. I managed to take a few notes on how you can save your butt from the hackers and identity thieves, the theme of the show last night. 

  • If you don't have a fireplace or shredder, you can put the documents in bleach, in big tub and take a long drill bit and churn away - The documents will dissolve.
  • Watch for ATM machines that have an extra device where you scan your bank card. That is an ATM scanner the bad guy put on to copy your card.
  • If you are being tailed when driving, make four laps around a block and then stop. You are being followed if they follow you around the block four times. Stop the car and if they stop, don't get out - Call the police.
  • Does your password make a difference on your computer? Yep the longer the password, the harder it is for the hacker to get your password. Makes no difference if it's a series of numbers, characters and letters.
  • Do not use free WIFI in hot spots that are open and not from the provider for the business, public place or hotel. They are traps from hackers to grab your information on smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Love this show, it's done in series on different themes. How to keep your car from being stolen, what to do in weather emergencies, how to keep your home safe, stay safe from hackers and identity theft. Brian Bushwood the host really is a McGuyver. The show airs Mondays at 10p Eastern on Nat Geo.