It's been a rough year in 2020. But if you think your year has been rough, it's also been rough for everyone in the country. Some more than others, some less, which could be why Wyoming's not one of this year's happiest states in the country.

Our friends at WalletHub recently researched what states are the happiest in the country, along with which states aren't so happy. Unfortunately, Wyoming falls in the latter. The overall study found Wyoming to be the 31st happiest state in the country. That is definitely nothing to be happy about.

Given the fact that 2020 has been a bizarre year for history in general. Several factors were taken into consideration to compile the research and Wyoming did not rank so well in a few, such as the amount of hours worked (48th), suicide rate (50th), income growth (47th), and community & environment rank (39th). That being said, don't go into hiding for the rest of 2020 just yet. For work environment, we ranked 23rd. For emotional & physical well-being, our ranking fell just about in line with our overall ranking at 30th. And we're also the 5th safest state overall.

If you look at it this way, we could be doing much worse, like Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and West Virginia who all finished in the bottom five states, respectively. Hawaii is the happiest state. It's probably the whole being isolated on an island thing. We'll give them that. You can check out were each state ranked in the map below.

Source: WalletHub
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