Today is International Women's Day and with Wyoming celebrating 150 years as the Equality state, it was only fitting to talk to a woman in Wyoming who has made a difference.

Rita Watson is the Executive Assistant to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Wyoming Department of Education.  Rita has been in the Cowboy state for almost 50 years.  She was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, but when her husband got moved to F.E. Warren Air Force Base, she packed up and came with him.

Rita didn't start in the Wyoming Department of Education, she actually got her start in the department of health.  It wasn't too hard for her to get in the health department but one of her colleagues wanted her to work in the department of education.  The only thing that hurt her at the time is that she was African-American and a woman.  But Rita proved she was the one for the job and has been in the department of education for decades now.

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