Denver Broncos Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett might not have a job for much longer — at least, that's what the odds are saying.

Your reaction might range from "duh" to "give him a chance," but first, let's backtrack.

How did Nathaniel Hackett get to the Denver Broncos?

After former Denver Broncos' CEO Joe Ellis canned then Head Coach Vic Fangio in January, the team set their sites on Nathaniel Hackett.

According to the NFL, Hackett jumped into coaching after a career as a linebacker at UC Davis. Before his move to the Broncos, he worked as an offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers.

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"Nathaniel Hackett is a dynamic leader and coach whose intelligence, innovation and charisma impressed us from the very start of this process," said Broncos General Manager George Paton of Hackett at the time. "In addition to having a brilliant offensive mind, Nathaniel is an outstanding teacher and communicator with a strong vision for all three phases of our team."

Ahead of a new ownership group, Hackett officially joined the team on Jan. 27.

How is Nathaniel Hackett doing?

To put it very nicely, reviews of Hackett's coaching during the Broncos' 2022 season are mixed.

The team's losses against the Seahawks and the Raiders stung, but Hackett's most infamous moment to date is likely a Broncos victory: their September match against the Texans.

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Hackett secured a win, but not without help from the fans counting down the play clock — a move that spawned an intense reaction from Broncos Country.

Is Nathaniel Hackett getting fired?

The odds say yes. According to's Senior Handicapper Adam Thompson's hypothetical NFL odds, Hackett has a 13.3% chance of being the next coach in the league to get fired, with +650 odds.

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Out of the seven coaches Thompson analyzed, Hackett only comes behind the Commanders' Ron Rivera and the Panthers' Matt Rhule, making him the third most likely head coach to get the axe.

Sure, these are hypothetical odds — but it's not a great sign.

Hackett isn't the first Denver Broncos coach to face scrutiny. Check out a history of the team's head coaches in the gallery below.

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