NASA has released its first audio clips from the Red Planet.

Are you as fascinated by space as I am? Our planet is such a tiny part of a large solar system which is part of an even larger universe. I feel like we have really only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to space exploration.

With that being said, we took another "small step for man" in this exploration by putting a rover on Mars.

NASA was able to launch Preseverance in to space and navigate it down to the surface of Mars. Are you geeking out yet? We have a device literally roaming the planet gathering both audio and video. And although it doesn't feed this stuff to us live, we did get a chance to hear our first audio clips.

NASA held a press conference to give us our first listen to what Mars had for us.

If you were hoping to hear the voices of aliens well, you're out of luck. There's a humming/buzzing sound that is coming from the rover itself, but then you hear the wind. Yep, there is wind on Mars.

And it sounds a lot like wind in Wyoming.

I'm not trying to belittle how magnificent it is that we had audio from another planet, but it's... wind. I did what the man in the video said. I sat back, closed my eyes and listened. Honestly, it felt like I was sitting out on my back porch.

Would you agree? Listen to the wind in this video. Close your eyes if you need to.

It's just about the same, isn't it? Again, I'm not belittling NASA or the gravity of this moment. Actually, in a way I find it comforting. Not only does it sound like wind on earth, but there's aren't any people yelling, cars honking or loud bass lines to ruin how serene the Red Planet sounds.

Now if we could just find an AirBnB up there because I'd like to get away for a bit...

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