We're coming up on a huge wedding weekend within the next week. People love to get married Labor Day weekend with the hopes of a nice outdoor ceremony. It may or may not be ideal for those going to the wedding for the timeline. It may make it easier with the extra day off, or just throw off plans that had previously been made for that weekend. Either way, it's not about you, it's about the bride and groom. The real question, though, is said bride and groom in a good spot to get married in Wyoming? The website Zippia researched the worst states to get married, let's see how the Cowboy State fairs.

They factored in a lot of variables to figure out how good of a state it is to get married. They averaged in average wedding costs, divorce rate, and yearly rainfall in inches. So those are some basic things to look into. Obviously, you don't want to live in a state that it's expensive to get hitched in, with crabby divorcees and a bunch of rain. Did I get that right? Probably not, but you probably get the picture.

What's interesting is that the worst state for marriage, I wouldn't have guessed Georgia.

Georgia is the worst state in the US for weddings. 1.35% of all Georgians who’ve ever been married had a divorce in the past year. 1.35% may not sound like a lot, but considering marriages can last many years, it’s pretty high. You know what else is high? Your chance of a wet, white wedding.

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Nothing against the fine people of Georgia, but what about the Cowboy State? Where do we rank? We came in at #31! Take that, Georgia! That means tons of wedding bells here, right? Colorado came in at #32 if you were wondering. Just like Colorado to show us up.

So if a white wedding is in your future, you can get married right here in the Cowboy State.

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