It's time for the world to stop ignoring Wyoming's beautiful Bighorn Mountains.

And I KNOW some of you are saying, "No. Hush. Be Quiet." because here in Wyoming, we like to be a bit secretive about how amazing our state is.

But, I think it's time we let other people know there is more to Wyoming than the Tetons.

The Bighorn Mountains are located in north-central Wyoming and are a sister range of the Rocky Mountains. Visitors can see a variety of landscapes, including grasslands, alpine meadows, clear lakes, glacial carved valleys, rolling hills, and sheer mountain cliffs.

Daft Trip, a Vlogger we love to follow on his adventures, recently took a trip to the Bighorns and shared his experiences with his subscribers.

Below is a look at a few of our favorite scenes of the Bighorns, followed by the entire video he created.

Wyoming's Beautiful Bighorn Mountains Are No Longer A Secret

Here in Wyoming, we tend to keep the best spots in our state a secret. But we just HAD to share the Bighorn Mountains with you.

In the video description, Daft Trip says

We find the biggest moose and coolest waterfalls and experience the craziest lightning storm I've ever seen in my life! This was an adventure!

Those of us that live in Wyoming have likely become used to the massive storms that light up our wide Western skies.

Seeing how excited he was about the lightning storm he saw was fun, and it reminded me how lucky we are to live here.

Do you have pictures of your own adventures in the Bighorn Mountains?

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