This isn't a surprise to us, we know that we have several gems that you need to see in your lifetime in our state. The website The Travel made a list of states with the most hidden gems. Now, the only thing that I didn't agree with in the article was that we should have been ranked a little higher. We came in 9th.

I mean, sure, all the states that ranked higher than Wyoming are great and all, but if you haven't seen all there is to see, which according to the article includes 1,486 tourist attractions, you really can't weigh in on whether or not our state boasts fewer gems than other states.

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Home to the world-famous Yellowstone National Park, this state boasts rugged beauty and incredibly diverse wildlife with a welcoming culture. When vacationing in Wyoming, travelers are likely to come across bison, bear, coyote, and elk walking around its vast plains. Midway Geyser Basin and Devils Tower are listed as some of their hidden travel gems.

I mean, we have an outdoor paradise in Wyoming, it's not up for debate. We have more natural wonder than you could imagine if you weren't from here.

They named Idaho as number one, which, fair. We share the Tetons with them and there are very pretty parts of Idaho. But they're known for potatoes. I can't believe South Carolina ranked high on the list(2nd). I lived there for a while, outside of the beaches, they don't hold a candle to Wyoming.

Nonetheless, we made the list, and it's something that we shouldn't be surprised by.

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