It feels like just about anything will get you a penalty in the NFL these days and those penalties are starting to cost the players real money.

The NFL will fine players for penalties on the field

It feels like this has gotten out of control a little.  Now, not only do they get charged in the game, but the players are losing actual money from their paychecks for things they do on the field.
It makes sense if it's a play that could injure another player, but for something as simple as a taunting penalty, the NFL might be taking it a little too far.

Josh Allen was recently fined for a taunting penalty

You may have seen the play when Josh Allen got called for taunting against the Cincinnati Bengals.  It was a quick play.  As Allen took the ball around the end, he gave a little pump fake that caused the defender to leave his feet.  Josh pointed at him as if to say "I got you." with a little smirk.  The touchdown counted but it cost the Bills and Josh.  Not only did they get the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but Allen was fined over $10,000 for that simple gesture.

The Bills are near the top of the league when it comes to fines for fighting put together a study that looked at the total amount of fight fines for each team Spotrac’s database of fines and suspensions in the NFL over the past 10 years. At this point, the Bills are near the top of the league in the amount that they've been fined.

With 5 "fights" tallied, the Bills have racked up $89,063 in fines. That's enough to rank them at #4 on the list.  The only fight fine that has been handed out this year was for Dion Dawkins in Week 6 when they played the Giants and the mele broke out in the end zone.

The team with the most fights this year is easily the Pittsburgh Steelers with 21.  But they're only 3rd on the list when it comes to the amount they've been fined.  They've shelled out just a little more than the Bills at $90,725.

When it comes to the most fines, that crown easily goes to the Las Vegas Raiders.  They've already accumulated $168,796 in fines with just 10 fights.

There are 11 teams that have gone 10 years without being fined for even one fight.

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