Nothing welcomes the holidays better than the annual Cheyenne Christmas Parade. I've been going since I was a young girl, and this year, I get to bring my son with me for his first-ever Christmas Parade! So, I'm planning on finding the best seats in the house to ensure he gets to enjoy the parade in all its glory. I've great a great spot lined up - do you?

If you're wondering where to sit for the parade, no worries; I've got you covered. Here's a breakdown of great spots to catch the parade from (and what makes them so great.)

1. Carey Ave and 19th

The 2022 Christmas Parade kicks off on Carey Ave. From there, it heads North towards Capitol. Sitting on Carey and 19th lets you catch the parade at the start of the evening - if you want to get the kids to bed early or avoid traffic, this is the place to be.

2. Carey Ave and 23rd

A little further up on Carey will let you watch the parade make its way towards you - you know, so you can get the kids amped up that it's on the way. Carey and 23rd are also close to a parking garage and bathroom.

3. Capitol and 22nd

Nothing screams "Christmas in Cheyenne!" more than watching the parade make its way down Capitol Ave with the State Capitol lit up behind the queue of holiday floats. And, the trees on the Wyoming Supreme Court lawn work as a great wind-break. If you want an amazing view, this is your spot.

4. Capitol and 20th

Sitting at Capitol and 20th gives you a slightly different perspective of the parade than Carey and 20th. The buildings on Capitol provide some cover from the wind - plus, there's a bathroom nearby.

5. Capitol and W. Lincolnway

The parade ends with a majestic roll down W. Lincolnway. Watching from Capitol and Lincolnway lets you enjoy the parade against all the neon signs of Downtown lit up; plus, it's super easy to imagine what the parade looked like 32 years ago when it first started.

When Does the Parade Start?

The 32nd Annual Cheyenne Christmas Parade kicks off at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 26.

When Do Streets Get Blocked Off for the Parade?

Streets usually start getting blocked off an hour before the parade. If you want to get up-close parking in one of the garages, make sure you plan to arrive before the roads start closing off. If you get there earlier enough, you can even get some Christmas shopping done at some downtown shops - or grab a hot cocoa from one of the downtown cafes - before commandeering your parade spot.

Here's a link to the parade route, in case you want to figure out your parking situation, too (I know I did.)

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