What comes to mind when you think about Wyoming? Cowboys, horses, Yellowstone National Park, Devil's Tower, hunting, elk, bears, antelope, rodeo, and mountains?

Of course, all of those represent the great Cowboy State. What about the food? If you've been around the state, you will see a few food items on most menus at most restaurants in nearly every town.

The Food Network has highlighted several menu items you'll find around the state. While flipping through the list titled: Most Iconic Dishes in Wyoming, I nodded and agreed with several items. A few were questionable, but for the most part, it was right on.

When I looked at the title, I saw the word 'dishes' and figured it was just food items. That's where the 'questionable' came into my head. There were items like...

  • Wyoming Whiskey—I'm a big fan of Wyoming's first legal distillery, and I love the whiskey, but I wasn't expecting it to be on the list.
  • Cowboy Coffee—We all know that coffee is huge in Wyoming, with many coffee shops, roasters, and preferences. Again, it's not a dish.
  • Boiler Maker—Beer and Whiskey.
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches—Sweet treat, not necessarily a dish.
  • Cowboy Cookies—I had the same thought on these being called a dish.
  • Sloshies— Frozen 'adult' beverage.

I also noticed that most of the establishments used as examples are in the Northwest part of the state, although there were a couple of examples from Laramie, one from Cheyenne, and another from Buffalo. The list mostly covered the areas just outside of Yellowstone. That's okay; they're still giving Wyoming love.

As you look at ten dishes, you'll notice that we love MEAT in Wyoming.

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