Wyoming Restaurants

WYO Food Find
Here in the mountain west, we love pork green chili. Of course, everyone loves pizza. Did you know there's a restarant in Wyoming that specializes in "Pork Green Chili Pizza"?
And, we're not talking about just any green chili, either...
WYO's Top Dog
There's a list for everything online these days, inclucing the United States of Hot Dogs "Best Hot Dogs From Every State". 
Their pick for the best dog in the Cowboy State is...the Weenie Wrangler?
The Weenie Wrangler is a hot dog cart set in up the parking lot at the Home …
WYO's Best 'Pig Out' Places
Happy belated National Pig Day. Observed each year on March 1, the annual celebration officially dates back to 1972.
Of course, for bacon lovers, every day is a great day to dine on swine. Here's our list of Wyoming's best places to "pig out"...
Taco John's Love Stories
Love is a many splendored thing. So are tacos.
Yesterday, we published a statewide poll asking Wyoming residents if it is acceptable to take a date to Taco John's.
Clearly, the overwhelming majority of Wyomingites consider Taco John's a romantic restaurant...
WYO's Weirdest Shops
Wyoming might not have a Costco or the big, fancy department stores, but where else will you find a place that sells liquor and fireworks?
Here's our completely unofficial and totally subjective list of the five strangest shops and restaurants in the Cowboy State...
WYO's Wildest Restaurant
If you're a food fanatic, you'll find plenty of wild game across the Cowboy State. Several Wyoming restaurants specialize in bison, elk, and some offer even more exotic fair like venison and wild boar. And, of course, you'll find Rocky Mountain Oysters on the menu at nearly every stea…
Bourdain Should Come to WYO
"Parts Unknown", the popular CNN travel and food show starring celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain, recently profiled the state of Montana. For some strange reason, Bourdain has yet to shine his spotlight on Wyoming.
Surely, the Cowboy State is among the most beautiful places…
WYO Restaurant Week
This month, hundreds of restaurants in the Mile High City will be serving up their tastiest dishes for Denver Restaurant Week.
The annual event, which runs from February 26 - March 6, will showcase many of the city's finest culinary creations...

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