It's a battle that may never have a true outcome. We're all so different and like what we like, that trying to figure out which fast food restaurant has the best French Fries, is impossible.

People are very passionate about they're favorites.

I posted this meme on Facebook, hoping to be able to get closer to the answer I was looking for...

Which Fast Food Restaurant's Fries Are The Best?

Fast Food Fries

The origin of the French Fry, is almost as confusing as trying to choose the best fry. Some say that fries were introduced in Spain in the 1600's, some say the French Fry was actually traced to France in the 1700's and others say you can trace fries to Belgium.

Honestly, I don't care who introduced them, I'm just happy they did. Can you imagine going out to a fast food restaurant and getting a burger & carrot stick? That just wouldn't be right.

When I asked our faithful followers to tell us their favorite, I was a bit shocked at the answers and the most common answer from many, wasn't even a choice.

We've done polls before that have shown that Casper's Peaches is a fan favorite and again those delicious French Fries were mentioned many times. Technically, Peaches is a 'fast food' option in Casper and could surely count. For the purpose of this conversation, we'll acknowledge Peaches is great and consider their fries the Champion of the Write-in Votes.

As for the French Fries that were actually options in this poll, there wasn't nearly as clear of a winner. There are some of the options that many haven't ever tried, just because that particular restaurant isn't in Casper or Wyoming for that matter.

After gathering votes from multiple different social media platforms and polling options, here's the conclusion.

Wyoming's Top 5 Favorite Fast Food French Fries (from the options listed)






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