Long weekends are great, until you have to go back to work, there's a good chance you're going to suffer from a 'Long Weekend Hangover'.

When the 4th of July falls on a weekday, there's a pretty good chance you're going to take a couple days off and have a nice long holiday weekend. That's not always an easy thing to recover from, and you almost need another day off to shake off the cobwebs.

This also happens when you take a long, busy and stressful vacation. It's all supposed to be relaxing, but if you're traveling or on the go the whole time, there isn't much relaxing being done.

How can you bounce back and get into the swing of normal life again?

In most situations, you're not eating, drinking or sleeping like you would during your daily routine. So giving yourself a day to recover is key.

Reset your sleep schedule -  Getting 7+ hours is usually the best for helping you get rested. You may want to try to wake up earlier than normal to give yourself plenty of time to ease back into your routine.

Hydrate - If you drank alcohol, ate bad foods or just forgot to drink water the whole weekend, having a big bottle of water with you will help.

Keep your body fueled up - Adding a little more to your breakfast will help you keep the energy you need to make it through your first day back.

Be active - A walk, workout or just a little time in motion can help your body find the extra help you need.

Plan ahead next time - Work a little extra before you leave, so you're not slammed with trying to get caught up when you get back to work.

If Wyoming Had a Hangover Cure, This Would Be It.

If Wyoming had an official hangover cure, what would it be? Something that'll get a rancher ready for a day of hard work after too much fun the night before. Something that'd make a rough 'n tough cowboy proud. Something...well, something like this...

Please note this is satire. Don't take this as medical advice...why? Uhm...because this is satire, and a doctor did not write it.

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