There are a few things Wyomingites dread having to do around the house.

Shoveling snow and mowing grass are two of the least favorite things, but they both have to be done.

As we're moving out of the snow shoveling season and into the grass mowing season, lets focus on, what experts say, works best for cutting the grass here in Wyoming.

According to the City of Casper, you should cut your lawn to 2-3" in height and only get rid of about 1/3 of the blade of grass. I know it seems easier and you'll have to mow less if you cut the grass REALLY short. That's not good for your grass, though.

How often you mow changes with the amount of moisture, heat and time of year. Spring when the grass starts re-growing from the winter, you may need to mow more often. When the air heats up and there isn't as much moisture, you'll need to pull back on mowing.

There are many folks that feel they need to be out mowing on the first warm day, but you should wait until the grass is ready and has begun to grow after the long cold winter.

What seems to be the longest part of mowing, cleaning up. If you have a smallish yard, it may only take you 15 minutes to run around with a push mower cutting the grass. Then when you're finished, you go back and trim, collect the clippings, sweep off the sidewalk and drive way then in a couple days, you're doing it all again.

If you stay consistent with your mowing, it'll be easier to mow and you'll have less to clean up.

When you mow, there's something that can be done to help your lawn and save you time. That's mulch mowing.

In Casper, there are many that are already doing this, but if you're not and you're wondering why your lawn doesn't look as good as your neighbor, this may be your answer.

Wyoming's soil isn't the best for growing, if you've tried to grow a garden or plants, you've learned that. Using the grass that your mowing as a source of nutrients for your lawn is a good way to help that soil and in turn help your grass.

In this video from a few years ago, Tom Heald from Wyoming Plant Company explains why mulch mowing is ideal for Wyoming.

If you're interested in mulch mowing and don't have a mulching mower, check out these videos.

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