Winter storm Gerri may have covered Wyoming in several inches of snow, but up in Buffalo, NY, the city was hammered with up to three feet of snow in some areas. Highmark Stadium, home of former University of Wyoming QB Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, was a wintery wasteland blanketed in a foot and a half of snow. In an unprecedented move, the NFL moved last Sunday's game to Monday, January 15 - no small feat considering the playoffs were on the horizon.

The football called out to the Bills Mafia for help clearing snow in the stadium in preparation for last weekend's game. Volunteers helped make the game against the Steelers possible, though not all of the snow was cleared. The stadium prioritized clearing the field and parking lot. Fans who made it to the game were left sitting in snow piles or clearing their seat.

With playoff games this weekend, the Bills sent out another call for volunteers to help clear more snow from Highmark Stadium. It's a tall order - Buffalo received additional snow during the week. One Wyoming duo answered the call, braving the snow and joining fans and players in clearing the stadium.

Double Dub's, AKA Weitzel's Wings Slings Snow & Wings in Buffalo, NY

It's a longstanding tradition for the food truck Double Dubs to hit up Highmark Stadium for the Bills Games. Double Dub's (otherwise known as Weitzel's Wings) was Josh Allen's favorite wing stop during his UW days, and continues to hold that distinction. So, it's no surprise that the army-green food truck is one of many you'll see at the stadium during tailgate parties. Sunday's game marks the fifth tailgating trip the Double Dub's truck has taken this year.

Today, Double Dub's Trent Weitzel answered the call with help from his colleague Ransom - and a Bills player! Trent shared a photo posing beside Bills punter Brian Moorman amidst the stadium's snow. "It was kinda a surprise. He just kinda showed up," Weitzel told Laramie Live.

It takes true dedication to roll up your sleeves and help dig through a field of snow, especially when you have thousands of hungry wing fans to feed the next day! "The lake effect snow is kinda...really, really awesome," Trent told followers on Facebook. As for Sunday's game, he anticipates that it "should be a lot of fun."

You can bet that Trent and Ransom will enjoy the game on Sunday. Do they think Josh will bring the Bills to the Super Bowl? "Josh promised the Bills Mafia a trip to the Super Bowl," Weitzel said. "And Josh is a man of his word."

Sunday's game against the Chiefs starts at 4:30 p.m. MST on Paramount+, NFL+, and CBS.

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