Wyoming's wing-slinging champs are ready to take on its national competition next weekend. Weitzel's Wings, a.k.a. Double Dub's, has announced it's prepping for another go at the National Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York, over Labor Day weekend.

Winning accolades at the festival is nothing new to Weitzel's Wings. In 2021, they brought home first place in the Xtra Hot competition and third in the Creative Spcy category. In 2022, Weitzel's Wings raked in quite a collection of awards at the fest. Last year alone, the wing stop brought home second place in the Creative Spicy Wing Category, second in the Traditional Hot Wing category, and third in the best creative/traditional BBQ Wing Category. Their finest achievement was receiving the Festival Favorite award in 2022.
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Hot off winning TWO world records for the most number of chicken wings sold in eight and twenty-four hours, respectively, Weitzel's Wings is all packed up and ready to conquer at the National Wing Fest. This year, the team has plans to bring new flavors to the competition in pursuit of chicken wing glory. Owner Trent Weitzel is set on earning first-place medals in numerous categories, including the Traditional Hot Wings and BBQ, types where Double Dub's has medaled but never taken first.

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Weitzel announced in a video that the team has prepared a unique lineup of sauces to compete in the Creative categories at the festival. All-in-all the lineup sounds delicious:

  • Their Creative Spicy entry features a bacon chili verde sauce...and yes, there are bacon crumbles on top.
  • Their BBQ sauce entry has been updated to include Maple Syrup from New York (yum!)
  • And they've created a Big Mac-inspired sauce for the Crafts category!

Weitzel also shared the Weitzel's Wings menu this year - nine mouthwatering sauces that will tantalize customers' tastebuds. The menu includes:

  •  WWI Buffalo Mild
  • WWIII Buffalo Hot
  • Bbq
  • Bacon Green Chili,
  • Garlic Alfredo
  • 17 Spicy Bleu (Josh Allen's fave!)
  • KSS
  • Big Mac Sauce
  • Lime Peper
  • Cinnabee Honey Mustard

Watch Trent Weitzel's full announcement below:

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