Before the T.V. show Yellowstone, Cole Hauser was in movies like 'Good Will Hunting,' 'Dazed & Confused,' and 'A Good Day To Die Hard,' to name a few. Cole has been a poster child for the cowboy lifestyle since his first appearance as Rip Wheeler on the popular show.

He may be a Hollywood actor but was born on a ranch near Santa Barbra, California. A few years later, when his parents divorced, his mother moved Cole, his half-brother, and his sisters to a ranch in Oregon, where he learned to ride horses.

The tough-guy actor has used the popularity of the Rip Wheeler character to team up with a cowboy coffee company, a Montana bourbon, the Frye & Lucky Brands, and now the PBR.

Hauser spoke highly of the sport in a PBR press release from last February.

At its core, PBR is an inviting sport showcasing courageous cowboy athletes doing the seemingly unthinkable. But beneath the rush of an 8-second bull ride, these athletes share a simple, pure humanity and live a life centered on values that are more important today than ever

The  PBR has just kicked off their season of bull riding action that will continue throughout the year. To help get fans pumped up, they called on their ambassador, Hauser, to star in a PBR hype video. Since Wyoming is the Cowboy State and home to the largest outdoor rodeo in the world and PBR event, Cheyenne Frontier Days, you know the video would have to highlight our great state.

If you watch the entire 4:00-minute short film below, you'll see Hauser driving a truck and trailer to load a large bull. Once loaded, they make their way to a PBR event, and at 1:18, the truck and trailer pass by Cheyenne Frontier Days.

2022 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

2022 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

Gallery Credit: Trenda Allen

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