If you enjoy watching wildlife roam across Wyoming, you've probably seen some pretty wild things. Maybe a herd of antelope holding up traffic, a flock of turkeys taking over neighborhoods, or a large bull elk taking a tumble while trying to cross the road.

If the last one caught your attention,  I have found an interesting video for you.

The struggle of being a large bull elk is real.

Weighing in up to 1,000 pounds and trying to make sure you can safely cross the road without smashing into a car, all while carrying a couple of large antlers on your head that constantly throw your balance off. It has to take a lot of focus to continue looking majestic.

Have you ever started walking or running too fast for your coordination level? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Your feet will often get caught up, and you hit the ground and do a tuck-n-roll.

Clumsy Businessman

The same thing will randomly happen in the wild with large elk.

Award-winning suspense author Kate Angelo posted a video on her Instagram page that proves it can happen to the best of us.

What can I say? I'm a klutz. ‍♀️

"Look at me! I'm going to majestically leap over this... Oh...oof...ouch...eep...I'm okay! Walking it off!"


The good news is, after doing a summersault and rolling through the snow, the large elk popped back up and regained his composure.

Wyoming Ranch Motion-Triggered Wildlife Cam

Gallery Credit: Working Lands & Wildlife Project via Vimeo

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