Are you ready for warmer weather?

After last week's snow, I'm ready for some sunny skies and flip-flops weather. The second April arrives, I start dreaming of days spent enjoying golden sunshine, hanging out on a picnic blanket with a nice, cold glass of iced tea. You know - the kind of weather where you need sunscreen and a sunhat.

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We're not quite in SPF 50 weather yet here in Laramie. This week's forecast shows signs of a warmup heading to Laramie. According to the National Weather Service, the Gem City may hit the mid-60s early next week.

Naturally, I had to wonder - when will we start seeing 70+ temps here? AKA, when can I pull out my shorts and knock off Birkenstocks?

When Will Laramie's First 70-Degree Temp Day of 2023 Arrive?

Next week's forecast currently shows the highest temperature at 66-ish degrees on Wednesday, April 12. That's close to 70, sure, but after Wednesday, it starts cooling off back to the 40s and 50s (I'll still take that over a blizzard.)

Unfortunately for my Birkenstocks, chances are we won't be getting 70-degree days until late May. According to WeatherSpark's compilation of data, Laramie averages around 61 degrees in May. However, last year, WeatherSpark recorded that Laramie hit the mid-70s by mid-May. The first 70-degree day last year occurred around May 6, 2022.

Considering we are seeing warmer-than-average temperatures this week, it wouldn't surprise me if May sees a few 70+ degree days.

Credit: Weather / CanvaPro
Credit: Weather / CanvaPro

That said, WeatherSpark does note that Laramie's average June temps hit around 73 degrees. So, if not May, the Gem City should start enjoying much warmer weather by June.

Credit: Pro
Credit: Pro

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