Some new tires have a red or yellow dot and others don't. It depends on the manufacturer. Even the less common white dot appears on tires and here's why because knowledge is power.

Those dots are purely for the mechanic who aligns your tires on your car, sometimes called balancing dots.

According to The Family Handyman, it's nearly impossible to make a perfect tire so manufacturers place those dots of colored paint and each means something different to identify where the irregularities are and how to best balance your tires.

It's crucial mechanics work with those colored dots so your tires perform at their best. It's all about getting the most out of your tires so they last as long as possible and in turn, you have a smooth, safe ride.

Dmytro Varavin
Dmytro Varavin

According to the Tire Grades website, even the highest quality tires can have these dots.

These dots are tire manufacturers’ way of saying, “We’ve got you covered!” They pinpoint the slight imperfections in a tire’s structure, which is inevitable given the complexities of tire manufacturing.

Red Dots

This indicates where the tire is the lowest or flattest which is usually near the valve stem. Alignment is key here for a smooth ride so you don't feel a vibration while driving.

Yellow Dots

This indicates where the tire weighs the least. For a proper fit, the yellow dot should be lined up next to the valve stem which is the heaviest part of a tire.

White Dots

This is the rarest of the dots indicating a more specialized balancing method called match mount balancing. It's about matching the tire’s high point and the wheel’s low point to round out the tire and prevent micro hops at higher speeds.

Meanwhile, with advancements in technology as well as wheels and tires, according to the Porsche Club of America, most mechanics have machines that measure force variations to balance perfectly with or without those dots. Some manufacturers just prefer to keep using the color dot method.

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