Roger Daltrey is gearing up for an intimate U.S. summer tour that kicks off on June 10. And while the sets will include plenty of classic Who material, don’t expect to hear Daltrey to deliver the famous scream in “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

“I’m not gonna do the scream,” Daltrey insisted during a recent conversation with Billboard. “I’m gonna get the fucking audience to do the scream. I’ve done that scream for 55 years, and I’ve had enough of it. I don’t even want to try it now; it’s brutal on the vocal cords. They can do the scream, and I’ll do everything else. I’m more into singing these days. At the age of 80, I think I deserve to be.”

Described as “a mostly acoustic set of Who gems, rarities, solo nuggets and other surprises,” the upcoming trek will also feature Daltrey chatting with fans in nightly Q&A sessions.

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“I just want to branch out and do something different,” the singer admitted, noting he’s gotten “good comedy” out of previous Q&A sessions. “It’s gonna be quite interesting. I’m just determined to enjoy myself and explore the freedom I’ve got to do what I want to do on this tour, and let’s see where it ends up.”

Will the Who Tour Again?

Even as he prepares for his brief solo run, Daltrey remains open to joining forces with Pete Townshend for another Who tour.

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“I’ll do it if Pete wants to do it, really wants to do it and do it properly,” Daltrey noted. “As far as I’m concerned, do we need another Who tour? We were a great group and two of our members died, and it’s been different since. Equally, there’s a chemistry between Pete and I. I love him dearly. There’s something special there, but it needs us both to be on fire and both wanting to be there. So if he really, really wants to do it I’m gonna turn up even with a broken leg, and I’ll deliver for you.”

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