Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer joins the Wild Things in the video for their new song "Breaking Madonna." The guitarist performs alongside the up-and-coming UK band on top of a tour bus driving down through West Hollywood.

You can see the video below.

"It was a thrill to rock 'Breaking Madonna' with the Wild Things on top of a bus," Thayer declared. "It doesn't get any crazier than that! From the first minute I hard them play on the Kiss Kruise, I knew they were the real deal."

The song comes from the Wild Things' new Friends With Benefits EP. The record is well named. In addition to Thayer's appearance on "Breaking Madonna," Pete Townshend collaborated with the group on the track "Only Attraction." "I love the Wild Things," said the Who legend. "Their songs are great, their performances strong. The dedication and work ethic is supreme but they always seem to be having fun." Townshend is also scheduled to produce the group's next album.

While the Wild Things have already opened for both Kiss and the Who, the "Breaking Madonna" video shoot and the EP launch show that followed marked the band's first and very adventure-filled trip to Los Angeles.

“When I heard the idea for the music video was to put our faces on a giant bus, drive it down Hollywood Boulevard and perform a live set on top of it, it seemed pretty impossible," Wild Things singer Sydney Rae White explained. "I definitely didn’t think Tommy Thayer would join in. I definitely did think we’d get arrested. Lo and behold, we made it happen, with no arrest warrants in sight! It still feels like a fever dream, but what else are you gonna do on your first band trip to L.A.?!”

Watch the Wild Things and Tommy Thayer Perform 'Breaking Madonna'

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