A dozen teams from Wyoming plus one each from Utah and Idaho met in Kemmerer over the weekend for the Joe Aimone Wrestling Tournament. This was a loaded field so this was a great gauge-of-ability meet, especially heading into the holiday break. Here's the top finisher for the boys in each weight class.

106 lbs.   Garrett Redden-Mountain View                     (1st)

113 lbs.   Landon Rhyne-Wind River                             (1st)

120 lbs.   Dominic Sanchez-Big Piney                           (1st)

126 lbs.   Jackie Meador-Big Piney                                (1st)

132 lbs.   Roany Proffit-Kemmerer                                 (1st)

138 lbs.   Hunter Boss-Jackson                                      (1st)

144 lbs.   Camron Kendall-Jackson                                (1st)

150 lbs.   Ty Thompson-Star Valley                                (1st)

157 lbs.   Gabe Emery-Kemmerer                                  (1st)

165 lbs.   Graison Kelley-Kemmerer                               (1st)

175 lbs.   Carson Eardley- Mountain View                      (1st)

190 lbs.   Wyatt Trembly-Dubois                                     (1st)

215 lbs.   Owen Barton-Kemmerer                                  (1st)

285 lbs.   Dylan Hagler-Kemmerer                                  (1st)

There was a large contingent in the girls division so here's the top Wyoming finishers for that group.

100 lbs.   Riley Meyer-Kemmerer                                    (1st)

110 lbs.   Gracelynn Allen-Lyman                                     (1st)

115 lbs.   Sidney Liechty-Evanston                                  (1st)

120 lbs.   Tai McBride-Jackson                                        (1st)

125 lbs.   Laynee Walker-Kemmerer                                (1st)

130 lbs.   Karly Sabey-Lyman                                          (2nd)

135 lbs.   Mikayla Green-Green River                              (1st)

140 lbs.   Johana Saavedra-Evanston                              (1st)

145 lbs.   Kaylie Julander-Kemmerer                                (2nd)

155 lbs.   Lynsie Julander-Kemmerer                               (1st)

170 lbs.   Charleigh Smith-Big Piney                                (1st)

190-235  Aaliyah Martin-Dubois                                       (1st0

We also have a few photos to pass along, courtesy of Adria Trembly and Chrissy Wells and you can find them in our gallery below. Enjoy!

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Kemmerer Wrestling Tournament

Kemmerer Wrestling Tournament

Gallery Credit: Chrissy Sanchez, Adria Trembly

Wyoming High School Wrestling
Photo Courtesy: Chrissy Sanchez