One curious elk in Estes Park, Colorado wandered into a shop on Wednesday. Not just any store either as the elk walked into the highly popular store called Beef Jerky Experience. The Beef Jerky Experience is located at 131 Virginia Drive across the street from Bond Park.

Credit: Beef Jerky Experience
Credit: Beef Jerky Experience

Beef Jerky Experience posted a photo from their surveillance camera on Facebook Wednesday afternoon. Estes Park News, Inc. shared the information about the elk in the jerky shop stating that the elk appeared to be shopping for some delicious beef jerky and other goodies.

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The elk was eventually guided out of the Beef Jerky Experience by the Estes Park Police Department. No reports of anyone or the elk being harmed while she was shopping.

Elk Interactions at Stores in Estes Park

This beef jerky-loving elk seems as if she may love to shop local. Numerous reports of an elk looking exactly like this one have been on social media over the past few days.

On July 5, Cliffhanger Used Books posted a photo of an elk in the bookshop.

The next day, Estes Park Brewery shows the familiar elk inside the brewery. Estes Park Brewery's Facebook page poked fun at the situation saying "the obstacles that occur when bottling and brewing beer".

The curious elk does not seem to be bothered by humans and modern civilization based on all these recent interactions. As a friendly reminder, you should never approach an elk, no matter what time of year. They are wild animals that are very large, powerful, and can be very dangerous.

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