There are some DAMN FINE airplanes perfect for Wyoming.

So nice that, even if you are not a pilot, you might just want one of these beauties.

But, before you get too excited, you'll need some deep pockets.

First up is a plane that actually has very little metal in it.

This hotrod of the air is for sale in Gillette, Wyoming.

It's mostly a carbon fiber body, leather interior, and a serious engine, built for speed.

attachment-A Cirrus For Sale Gillette WY 1

Think of this plane as a luxury sports car for the air.

It even has a parachute. Not for you. For the plane. If anything goes wrong just pull the lever overhead and a ballistic parachute rips out of the top allowing the plane to gently drift to the ground. This option is expensive and has saved lives.

Inside, besides comfort features, is a state-of-the-art flight and navigation system.

Forget those old round gauges.

Today, it's computer screens.

Often referred to as a "glass cockpit."

attachment-a Cirrus For Sale Gillette WY 2

Peddles of the floor and a side stick with an armrest for steering.

This is as modern as it gets in today's small airplane market.

At this point, I bet you think this plane must be expensive.

You would be correct.

Even used, the asking price is over a million dollars.

attachment-Cirrus For Sale Gillette WY 3

OKAY, that might be a bit much.

Let's step it down a bit with something just as fun, but not so luxurious.

Notice the logo on the tail of this next plane.

It's the Wyoming Steamboat horse and rider.

This is a Cessna 182 Skywagon.

Built back in 1981 it's still in great shape today.

attachment-a Cessna 185 f 1

The landing gear configuration is referred to as a "tail dragger." This makes the old bird much more capable at landing in the backcountry, or on unpaved airstrips.

The top wing design and high gear, which keeps the propeller away from the ground, make it perfect to land where the fancy Cirrus could not.

Think of this plane as the Jeep of the Sky.

It can haul a lot, for a plane, and flies at a respectable speed.

The old cloth-covered seats are in good condition.

The avionics are mostly old round "gas gages," and older controls. Even the flaps are manually operated.

attachment-a Cessna 185 f 2

Expect a durable plane that can handle Wyoming and work hard for you.

The price is not as high as the Cirrus.

Mostly because this plane has an aluminum body, no parachute, and older avionics.

Need a workhorse. This is it.

Just over three hundred thousand dollars.

Yeah, planes are expensive. Even the older ones.

attachment-Cessna 185 f 3

Now if you want REAL backcountry, which is not a bad idea in Wyoming, you might want to look at this next one.

This is the HUSKY!

This plane was designed, and built, at a factory in Afton Wyoming.

A true Wyoming plane.

It only seats two. It doesn't carry much.

But it can land just about anywhere.

attachment-a Husky 1

Runway? We don't need no stinking RUNWAY!

This plane was built in 2018.

It's been well cared for and so is in almost new condition.

It won't take you high.

It's not fast.

But that's not the point with this plane.

It's about going where other planes can't.

attachment-a Husky 2

The avionics are a cross between computer screens and old-school gauges.

Even that round gauge in the upper middle is actually a computer screen.

Flaps and most other controls are manual.

This plane is built to take a beating, yet is very lightweight.

The body is mostly cloth.

Again, this plane is NOT CHEAP!

attachment-Husky 3

So there you have it, 3 different planes for 3 different missions here in Wyoming.

Which one suits you?

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