Moving to Wyoming to raise your kids?

Raising children in Wyoming - is Wyoming a good place to raise kids?

In this video, I talk about some of my own experiences with raising my kids in Wyoming.

Is life in Wyoming child-friendly?

Meet April Poley.

She is a wife, mom, and real estate agent living in Wyoming.

In the video below she answers questions often posed to her by folks thinking about buying a home and moving to Wyoming.

There is not much out here, is it a good place to raise kids?

Some of her clients are so used to city life that they are afraid to give up all that a city has to offer to move their kids out to what seems to be such a desolate area.

Will it freak out the kids too much?

Will they survive the culture shock?

She explains that you and your kids will have to assimilate to Wyoming. Don't think that you'll change the culture here.

If you can't handle the way people do things in Wyoming then maybe you moved to the wrong state. "That's kind of our attitude," she explains.

If you are an engaged parent you're kids are going to thrive here.

She goes on to explain the advantages of knowing your teachers in your school, which is easy to do in a small town.

If you want your kids involved in sports, Wyoming has plenty of it, despite the appearance of nothing much being around. She explains what sports your kids can get involved in and how.

Two little children, boy brothers with backpacks in the park
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4-H clubs are huge in Wyoming and they teach kids so much with practical, hands-on, learning.

Where you choose to live in Wyoming will say a lot about the type of experiences your kids will have.

Expect to have to travel across the state a lot.

Moving to Wyoming is what many people dream of. Whether you're moving to Sheridan Wyoming, moving to Gillette Wyoming, moving to Buffalo Wyoming, moving to Sundance Wyoming, moving to Wright Wyoming, or even moving to Newcastle Wyoming.

Living in Wyoming is a unique experience and living in Sheridan Wyoming is very different from living in Gillette Wyoming or living in Buffalo Wyoming.

Living by the mountains in Wyoming is different than living on the plains in Wyoming. Living in the big cities of Casper or Cheyenne is very different than living in Thermopolis or Buying real estate in Sheridan.

Local Pilots Give Wyoming Kids A Free Flight

Does your kid want to be a pilot?

There is no way of knowing unless they get a chance to get in an airplane and get up there.

Thanks to a Wyoming chapter of EAA, (Experimental Aircraft Association), kids in Wheatland Wyoming got that chance this past weekend.

Local pilots offered free rides to all kids, breakfast included.

The hope is that maybe some of these kids will get that urge to want to fly and pursue a career as a pilot.

America needs more pilots.

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Exploring Wyoming's Alcova River Canyon

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