Jackson Wyoming - Imagine looking up and seeing a motor home, towing a car, coming right at you, with a terrified driver gripping the wheel.

Angus M. Thuermer Jr. watched as a motor home towing a car careened past him, swerving into oncoming traffic and hitting a truck that crossed its path.

The motor home finally stopped in the grass at an Exxon gas station after crashing into some aspen trees.

It came to a rest just short of Exxon's gas pumps.

Like Thuermer, saw the motor home-towing-car combination barreling toward him. He floored it through a gap into the oncoming traffic.

The sedan the RV was towing tagged the Ford F-150 on the driver’s rear side.

The New Mexico couple then spun “180 degrees toward Teton Gravity Research,” Thuermer said. (Rocket Miner).


The good news is that nobody was hurt.

“I saw one guy in a red striped rugby shirt and bike helmet on the sidewalk by the ’Coach run for his life across the Streetfood lawn,” Thuermer said. “He looked over his shoulder and started running. It’s not every day you see someone running for their life.” (Rocket Miner).

So, what went wrong?

A 77-year-old Colorado man behind the wheel had just passed the runaway truck arrestor on Teton Pass when he realized his brakes had gone out.

Breaks can overheat when coming down from the mountains. Drivers must be very careful of that.

Low gear must be used to save the breaks.

Letting the vehicle rest and allowing the brakes to cool down is important if a turnoff is available.

The old guy did all he could to avoid hitting anyone.

Police say he was pretty shaken up.

Local police say a wreck like this happens about once in a decade.

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