These are the stories that most people have heard, many believe are true, but few of them are.

Let's have a look at the top 10 Urban Legends of Wyoming and try to decide which ones are actually true.

10). Big Nose George

Was his skin actually made into a pair of shoes that a former governor wore to his inauguration?

9). San Pedro Mountains Mummy

A hoax? An actual mummy from a tribe of little people? Or was it a deformed baby that was mundified and buried?

8.) The Death Ship Of The Platte River

On the Platte River between Torrington and Alcova, Wyoming, a legend persists that a “Ship of Death” continues to sail upon the sometimes dangerous waters.

7). Ghosts of F.E. Warren Air Force Base

The base is called is one of the most haunted military bases in the nation. Rumor has it that residents keep a log of unnatural incidents, like early morning.

6). Planes Hotels Cheyenne has a ghost bride

According to the hotel's many legends, a bride named Rosie and her groom who were on their honeymoon were among the many guests of the hotel.

5). Devil's Tower

The Indian ledged of a giant bear scratching at the sides is what makes the marks on the tower. The bear was after 7 little girls.

4). Wyoming Frontier Prison

The ghost stories of this place have been featured on many television shows.

3). Heart Mountain Relocation Center

A WWII Japanese American Confinement Site: award-winning interpretive center & National Historic Landmark site. Ghost stories abound due to the people who died here.

2). Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone

Here we go again with another ghostly bride story. BUT THIS ONE IS HEADLESS! 

1). The Sheridan Inn and the ghost of Miss K

Her ghost story is not a scary one. But it is said that she never left and can still be seen staying there.

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