Haunted Hotel in WYO
Quaint Greybull, Wyoming is home to hard working ranchers, friendly small town folks, and ghosts? According to legend, at least one place in town may be.
Racist Ghost in Wyoming?
If it's published online, it must be true, right?
According to one unconfirmed eyewitness account posted to Ghosts of America, a "racist ghost" haunts the tiny town of Yoder, Wyoming.
The story, which was submitted by an anonymous author, claims the ghost lives in the &…
Is This Evil Or Hoax?
There were screams coming from this hotel room that needed to be investigated.
When security entered the room, there was no one there, but there was upside down furniture, ripped up carpet and the shower was on. Listen to the conversation of security personnel in this security video, as they decide i…