One family years ago claim their pantry door would open at 12:34am every night. They set up a camera to prove it. What happened next has become a raging internet debate about whether the footage they captured is real.

I will admit I'm a little late to the party on this one. We just saw this video featured on an old episode of Paranormal Caught on Camera. The simplest way to begin this is to share the original video which tells the story of what a family claims happened to their pantry door every night at 12:34am. This began way back in 2007.

It became a raging internet sensation that led to a documentary telling the family's story of how they were tormented by this entity. It's called "The Pantry Ghost".

Over the years, many have tried to debunk the video including YouTube star Captain Disillusion. He along with the late "Amazing Randi" tried to take on this video claiming to show how it was faked.

The twist is that many comments on YouTube have debunked the debunkers. Who's correct? If you read the reviews on IMDb, you'll see it's split between those that think it's legit and those that think the little girl in the family is the culprit who was shown as a ghost in the pantry.

Is it real? Was a little ghost girl really opening the family's pantry door back in 2007 or is this a debunked fake. The internet still can't seem to decide.

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