Which Western state do you think has more cattle than people?

I'll give you a chance to lay your bet.

Many Western states were built by the cattle industry.

Partly because the land was perfect for those herds.

Partly because, at the time, there was not much else to do with the land out here.

In many Wyoming towns, the jokes are about not wanting to live in any place where the population is higher than the altitude.

So what about the population of humans compared to livestock?

Have you placed your bets?

Here are the numbers.


Wyoming, where I live, comes in 5th with a human population of 582,658.

There are more than double the number of cows than people.

A ratio of 2.18.


Wyoming's population has grown a bit over the past few years.

We might just hit 600,000 before you know it.

A total of 9 states have more cattle than people.

South Dakota has the most cattle per person in the United States followed by Nebraska and Montana.

Texas has more cattle than any other state.

So what states have the least cattle per human population?

That's a tie.

49 Rhode Island 1,051,511 5,000 0.00
50 New Jersey 8,899,339 29,000 0.00



Florida is now #38. But the sunshine state used to be the #1 cattle-producing state, which surprises more people.

But then again Florida was herding cattle long before Wyoming was a state.

You can see the entire state-by-state list at this link.

Western states like Wyoming might seem like they don't have so many cows because the herds are spread out.

In Eastern states, where it's a lot wetter and there is more grass there are far more cows per acre.

Reading The Past - Chugwater Wyoming Newspaper

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There was little local news, other than the war.

But what was published at the time was important to the people of the area.

It was, in most case, the only news they had from outside their little ranch or town.

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