Who doesn't like campfires?

Except maybe when the smoke decides it loves us, and no matter where we move to it follows us, because it wants to kiss our face.

So, let's have some fun with that fire.

Why not change the colors?

That fire can be any color we want, and there are many ways to do it.

There are packets we can buy to toss in that will change the color. I have a video on where to get those packets and how to use them below.

Or we can find natural ingredients around us that produce the same effect.

Searching for those natural ingredients can be challenging and fun.

1. The Copper Pipe Method

Get a chunk of copper pipe with an old garden hose. Drill a couple of holes into the pipe for more sparks. The video above explains the process.

2. The Colored Wax Method

This is how you change the flame color with what is around you, maybe even items in your home. around your home.

Potassium chloride: Makes a purple flame
Magnesium sulfate: Makes a white flame
Strontium chloride: Makes a red flame
Copper chloride: Makes a blue flame
Lithium chloride: Makes a pink flame
Copper sulfate: Makes a green flame
Sodium chloride: Makes an orange flame

Use this link to follow the HOW TO MAKE method using these household items.s

If you don't want to go through all of this work, there is the easy store-bought packet method.

In the video below you'll see what you can buy and where you can get it.

Just open the pouch and dump this stuff on the fire.

Each packet will last a few minutes.

You'll hear a lot of "OOHH" and "AHH" from the people you are with.

Old Medicine Of The Chugwater Wyoming Drugstore

If you visit the tiny town of Chugwater Wyoming you'll find the newly restored Soda Fountain.

In fact it's Wyoming's oldest soda fountain and malt shot.

It's always worth stopping in for breakfast or lunch, or maybe a shake or malt.

The place was a drug store and soda fountain for the longest time.

Back then soda was actually used to cure an upset stomach.

So what sort of old medicines were left behind by Chugwater's last pharmacist?

It turns out, some of them are on display.

SEE: 39 Hot Cars On Display In Wyoming

The goal of this gallery is not to provide every detail of every car, their modifications and their owners.

This was just a cool car show in Casper Wyoming.

Not matter if the people attending were into cars or not.

There was a lot of OHHH and AHHH's heard up and down every street.

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