The Laramie County Sheriff's Office is warning residents not to fall for a scam that's making the rounds.

According to a department Facebook post, someone claiming to be Lt. Gaskins or another employee with the Sheriff's Office is calling people, telling them they have a warrant out for their arrest, usually for something like failing to show up for jury duty.

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"The scammer(s) request the victim purchase multiple prepaid credit cards, Green Dot or Steam cards and to give them the numbers as bond payment," the post reads.

The Sheriff's Office says it will never ask for bond payment over the phone. All bonds are payable at the Laramie County Courthouse.

"These scams originate outside of our jurisdiction and are not investigated by any agency," the post reads. "If you have questions or would like to make us aware of a scam, you can call 633-4751. If you’ve lost money to a scam and need to file a report, please call 637-6524 to speak with a deputy."

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