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Residents of Creighton Street and Evers Boulevard found their evening interrupted by the wailing of sirens last night when the Cheyenne Fire Department and Cheyenne Police Department raced to the scene of a blazing fire at Jessup Elementary School (6113 Evers Blvd.)

The blaze, reports Battalion Chief Don Wood, was reported to the Fire Department at 22:42 (approximately 10:42 P.M.) Cheyenne Fire Station 6 quickly responded to the call. By 23:04, the fire was considered "under control" and "extinguished" by firefighters on the scene. Cheyenne PD Sgt. Eric Norris was also on the scene.

One resident captured the fire on video. The footage shows firefighters combatting leaping flames as plumes of smoke rise over the playground.

Jessup Playground Fire Remains Under Investigation

Chief Wood explained that the cause of the fire itself remains under investigation. However, he did confirm to KGAB News that rubber mulch on the playground had ignited, with "hot temperatures" under the mulch contributing to the extent of the blaze.

Damage totals and extent remain under investigation, but the Cheyenne Fire Department did confirm that only the playground was impacted by the fire.

Laramie County School District 1 thanked the Fire Department for their efforts. The district confirmed that rubber mulch caught fire and damage did extend to equipment. LCSD1 added that the blaze did not threaten the school itself and that there is no anticipated delay to the start of school for Jessup students.

Witnesses with information regarding the fire are encouraged to reach out to the Cheyenne Fire Department at (307) 637-6320 or via email to Witnesses may also contact Sgt. Norris at the Cheyenne Police Department at (307) 637-6525.

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