Cheyenne Frontier Days will be announcing its 2023 concert lineup on March 2, with tickets to go on sale on March 15.

One concert has already been announced, country star Zach Bryan will perform on July 23. What type of concerts would you like to see to fill out the rest of the night show lineup?

For a lot of folks, country music and rodeo go together like a hand in a glove. For many people, country means traditional country, not what they consider pop music with a slight accent.

Others want country all right, but they don't think that necessarily means only traditional country. Country music these days has gotten beyond traditional twang, they would say, and a night show lineup should reflect what country music is in the 21st century.

Then again, who says the night show lineup has to be nothing but country music? Classic rock acts like KISS have drawn big crowds to CFD in the past, and at least one rock act, or maybe even a couple, would be nice.

But there are lots of younger people, and even some of their parents, who will buy concert tickets for hip-hop and current pop acts. Shows like Post Malone in recent years have sold out in a hurry.

Or maybe you think a little bit of everything would be nice?

Take our poll and give us your opinion! We'll post the poll results next week.

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