Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins says "progress is being made" on the Hynds Building downtown.

"The new owners are excited to get the planning stage completed to start construction," Collins said Friday in his Mayor's Minute column.

Collins says the new owner's plans call for a mixture of apartments, office and retail space, and possibly even a restaurant.

"I’m looking forward to the architectural drawings and seeing their vision for the new building," he said.

The Hynds has been largely vacant since the late 1980s, and the "hole" -- the property directly west of the historic building where Mary's Bake Shoppe burned down in 2004 -- has been a blighted eyesore for years.

"Getting the Hynds Building and the 'hole' rebuilt and alive is going to be such a big deal for our downtown," said Collins, who in his Sept. 9, 2022, column said, "I feel like our downtown is like a supermodel who smiles and is missing their front teeth."

"From previous columns as well as today’s, it’s easy to see I’m their biggest cheerleader," he added.

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