As we begin to push towards warmer weather and you start making plans for your summer excursions, don't forget about Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

There are many picturesque places in the Cowboy State, however not many as renowned as Jackson Hole. Having spent the last eighteen years here in Wyoming and never traveled into Jackson, I must find time to take advantage of all the grandeur of this Wyoming legacy.

There are people I've met, who've spent their whole lives in Wyoming and too have never been to this place of unimaginable beauty. So, I don't feel bad about not making the trip over. Oh, now I've been to Grand Teton National Park, just not all the way into Jackson.  Many people say, "it's too expensive!"

However, we've found a way for those with an eagerness to explore, a want to get out there attitude and a budget, to enjoy one of Wyoming's most sought after places to hang and enjoy.

Contrary to popular belief, Jackson Hole, Wyoming can be enjoyed on a budget. Watch the video from the and see if you can work a weekend getaway to one of the most scenic places on God's earth. Forever west!!


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