The City of Cheyenne received $112,500 for a recreation mill levy grant to renovate the tennis courts at Jaycee Park, according to ShortGo.

The tennis courts were built in 2011, since then the appearance and quality of them have decreased. The court base is crumbling, large cracks in the playing area (resulting in people tripping), and plenty of uneven areas where water builds up forming a puddle making it impossible to play. Also, the chainlink fence that surrounds the tennis courts needs to be replaced as well.

New nets and poles will be put in as well. The construction will start taking place in the Fall of this year. In the meantime, Jaycee Park still offers a playground and a basketball court.

Here's how the Cheyenne Mill Project works. The Laramie County School District #1 Board of Trustees take proposals each year for either facility improvements, general construction, programs, equipment, and recreation projects. Every proposal must have the following in order to qualify:

  • Be accompanied by a full accounting of expenditures of funds allocated by the Board for projects funded in the current fiscal year, if any.
  • Contain adequate information to permit the Board to make an informed decision concerning funding each project. The Board may require additional information concerning proposals if it reasonably determines that additional information is needed. The Board may make additional requirements concerning the contents of proposals.
  • Funds will be disbursed to entities for approved public recreational projects by each fiscal year.
  • The Board may receive, accept or otherwise consider proposals from entities other than LCSD1. The total expenditure for all of said proposals shall not exceed 15% of the annual mill levy. The Board shall not allocate funds to non-governmental recreational organizations or projects.

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