He's rocked this look for decades.

Maybe it was time for a change. Maybe it was because of the scare of coronavirus. Maybe he just lost his mind in self quarantine. Whatever the reason was, Jeff Foxworthy just shaved off his signature mustache.

Yep, he's now rocking a fresh, baby face.

The comedian and television personality has had that mustache for about 40 years. That's longer than many marriages. That's longer than most millennials and all of Gen Z have been on this earth. And let me tell you, he looks nothing like he used to. In fact, if you were scrolling through social media, you probably would have passed by him. I actually thought, who is this random guy that I'm following.

He posted a photo on Instagram to make the announcement. Honestly, I wouldn't have told anyone. Instead I would have just let people figure it out. But I guess with everyone staying at home these days, there was no way for him trick people in public.

Boy, that would have been the ultimate prank, wouldn't it?

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