Basic cable viewers were outraged over the weekend by a strange sight. When TBS aired 1996’s Jingle All the Way for approximately the 12,000th time, fans of the Christmas classic got a lot less than they bargained for. For some unknown reason, the film cut off right at the climax, at the moment (SPOILERS!) that Arnold Schwarzenegger takes flight as Turbo-Man. With quite a few minutes left in the movie, TBS’ print of the film just stopped, and they immediately rolled credits and moved on to the next program.

You can watch the very surreal moment below.

Suddenly, Jingle All the Way was trending on Twitter, as viewers who felt cheated out of the last few minutes of the movie took to social media to complain about the bad editing. I assure you this is a small sampling of the angry tweets (most of them are not printable on a family website):

I’ve heard of movies ending on cliffhangers before, but this is a new and frustrating extreme. Maybe we should call movies that get cut off by basic cable channels who are in a rush to move on to the next batch of commercials jetpackers in honor of this strange sight.

If you still need to find out whether Schwarzenegger’s character is able to give a Turbo-Man toy to his son for Christmas, Jingle All the Way is available for rent at most digital retailers. If that’s still not enough Jingle All the Way for you, the Blu-ray comes with an “Extended Director’s Cut.” You can be sure that won’t stop in the middle without warning.

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