Country artist John King is set to perform as the opening act this Saturday night (July 31st) before Blake Shelton hits the stage and according to his recent post on social media, he has already 'fallen in love with Wyoming'.

For any Wyomingite, we already know about everything amazing the state has to offer, but when you see a Country star mention how they are in love with your state, you become that much more of a fan. John King took to his Facebook from Absaroka Ranch in Dubois, WY to tell his fans just how much he was been loving it out West, just days ahead of his performance at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

He's already 'fallen in love with Wyoming' and he hasn't even gotten to Cheyenne Frontier Days yet. This is our kind of guy, Wyoming!

King is set to release a new album on October 8th called 'Always Gonna Be You'. He's already released a few singles ahead of the album, such as 'Try Saying Goodbye', 'Easy', and 'Your Man'.

Prior to becoming a solo artist, King was a Number 1 songwriter as he wrote Randy Houser's hit, 'We Went'. He also wrote the track, 'Rollin' from Hootie & the Blowfish, released last year. It was their first single released since 2005.

But now King is busy playing his own tunes and playing a ton of shows. His hits include the track, 'Tonight Tonight', which you can hear below. In any event, we're going to the see the dude that has 'fallen in love with Wyoming' on Saturday night before Blake Shelton hits the stage. We're certainly ready to give him a great Cheyenne welcome!

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