8,000 people in the state of Wyoming are named Johnson. Johnson barely bested Smith in a new study of the most common surnames in every state.

The report estimates the Johnson name represents just over 1.4% of Wyoming's population. 7,000 residents are named Smith, roughly 1.25% of the population. And, of course, it's always Miller time in the Cowboy State. 5,000 members of the Miller family call Wyoming home.

Johnson, Smith, and Miller, also claimed the top three spots in Idaho, Montana, and Nebraska.

Down in Colorado, the order was reversed, with Smith claiming the top spot followed closely by Johnson. Martinez is the third most popular surname in the state.

In South Dakota, Johnson finished first followed by Miller, then Smith. Johnson is also the most common name in Utah, followed by Smith and Jones.

Other popular surnames around the country include Brown, Garcia, Rodriguez, and Williams.

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