Ever want to write a song with your favorite rock star? Some Bon Jovi fans are getting a chance to live out that dream, as Jon Bon Jovi recently issued a challenge to pen a new track called "Do What You Can," inspired by stories of perseverance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Having launched the challenge earlier this week, Bon Jovi reveals in a new video that he received over 6,000 submissions in the first two days from fans on the band's social media networks. This came after the vocalist played the first stanza of the track and left the next up to the aspiring writers in the audience.

Inspired by what he's seen so far, Bon Jovi played three different entries submitted so far, each with a differing viewpoint. The first one came from Instagram user Adriana Naccache, with Bon Jovi not missing a beat as he transitioned to a verse from YouTube user Geoffrey Behrens.

The singer then stopped down momentarily to pay respect to the next stanza, submitted by YouTube user Bryce Glass, who wrote from the point of view of a driver delivering key goods during this time of crisis.

"I’ve been listening," said Bon Jovi in his latest video description. "Thank you to everyone who has shared their story. Let’s keep singing this together. Stay tuned for more. - JBJ" It appears as though the singer will offer more updates as entries come in that catch his eye and ears. In the interim, check out his performances of the three entries in the player below.

Jon Bon Jovi, "Do What You Can" (Our Story)

Jon Bon Jovi, "Do What You Can" Challenge

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