Four University of Wyoming students, along with Dr. Brant Schumaker, a veterinary epidemiologist and UW associate professor, and two recent graduates have aided with testing for COVID-19 over their spring break. s.

Schumaker is one of two epidemiologists at the university. His co-workers and team at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory have a long-standing relationship with the Wyoming Public Health Laboratory.

Schumaker says, “Most of the team have been trained to deal with sample processing and RNA extraction, which is the method by which we’re trying to detect the coronavirus, I am serving in a logistic support role managing sample triage so that high-priority samples are getting to the front of the line. We’re getting the samples in and results out.”

As of the evening of March 25, the lab had tested 758 samples, with many more coming in.

Wyoming Public Health Laboratory Director Cari Roark Sloma credits the team from UW for helping the lab respond to the unprecedented demand.

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