June. The month of love and weddings.

There's a pretty good chance you'll be attending a wedding somewhere along the way in June. Maybe you're getting married yourself.

There are a lot of wedding traditions or rituals at a wedding. From the exchange of rings to tossing the bouquet to throwing rice. But where did they all come from? When did they start? And why?

Well, Carley Roney is the editor of TheKnot.com, a wedding planning website. And according to Roney. the origin of many of the wedding traditions you'll see at a wedding this month began a long time ago. I mean, a long long time ago!

8 Wedding Traditions Explained

So there you have it. There's the reason those Groomsmen are up there in those fin-looking tuxedos. There's the reason that the wedding dress is dragging behind that beautiful bride. And there's why the bouquet gets tossed.

Who knew? Well, now you do.


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