The rapper, beat maker, fashion mogul, billionaire and now Wyoming resident, Kanye West, has had a busy last few weeks. Although it seems like he's taking a break from his presidential campaign (at least for the moment), Ye has been staying focused on his business ventures, even amidst the Twitter tirades.

West has been talking about his plans for his  YZY Campus and YZY Farms on one of his Cody properties for quite some time now, but it appears things are finally taking shape. He posted a photo of the "farm" portion along with a caption that read:

YZY Farm to table ⛷ it’s a good start

That's not the only thing he's been cooking up in Cody either. Ye posted some photos of 3D printer molds of his latest Yeezy boots. 

After seeing the walls around his property and somewhat knowing their purpose, it appears to discredit the video that accused him of building "Illuminati Structures" on his Cody land that surfaced last week (you can watch that video here).

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While there's no doubt Kanye is in the business of making money, he has also spent a considerable amount of time on Twitter attempting to get ownership of the masters of his music catalogue and changing the way record companies do artist contracts.

If nothing else, you've got to give him credit for trying. There hasn't been a major change in the music business to this magnitude since the introduction of digital streaming services.

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